[CAJobPortal Insights] A typical job interview is often a conversation between two liars

A typical job interview is often a conversation between two liars.

Both the interviewer and the interviewee put on these best versions, just like fiancées during courtship period.

Have you ever heard about an interviewer asking questions like:

“Hey listen! We have one of the most toxic work environments. I hope you do not have a Utopian view of the world. And are quite seasoned in the art of Corporate Politics, so that you don’t end up crying like a baby”

Conversation is like the new company is paradise – come join us. We create a difference to society. We have one of the best corporate governance practices in the country.

And the candidate who is desperate to get the job , that 30% hike, would say that the day I join you it will be like walking in paradise.

The question – Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. For years, I have failed to understand what objective really served by a question like that.

The art of lying tactfully? Is it about showing something that you hope the other person will interpret as a strength which you tried to disguise as a weakness?

The interesting question also hovers around stability. I know of FMCG companies that hire CA freshers at stellar salaries, only to prepare them for the other FMCG companies

But still questions like “Where you do see yourself 5 years down the line

Candidate – I see myself serving this great company at one of its factories/sales offices and if I am lucky, at its Corporate Office. And it is my vision, not just for 5 years, but for my lifetime. This is my dream company and once I get a chance to work there, it will be an honour for a lifetime.

(Where he/she knows that he/she will encash the brand and move on at the quickest available opportunity)

The right interviews could be interviews where the parties try to figure out if the marriage will indeed work – having the difficult conversations –

Have you done night-outs in the past during quarterly closing?

Are you ok with multiple iterations in the financial model – as our top management is broadly indecisive and as a CYA strategy, will keep asking you to build multiple scenarios and sensitivities – Hope you don’t run out of patience.

Have you ever faced the mess created by resignation of 50% of your team – as attrition is quite high here

Well, the view I expressed above was quite extreme

But my limited submission was that instead of a quick divorce later, wouldn’t it be better to iron out the creases beforehand.

What do you think