[CAJobPortal Insights] A Lesson from Buridan’s Ass

Good Afternoon

In this edition of CAJobPortal Insights, we discuss Buridan’s Ass, named after 14th century French philosopher John Buridan

A donkey finds himself halfway between two equally big and delicious piles of hay.

Because he lacks a reason to choose one over the other, he cannot decide which one to eat, and so starves to death

Now extrapolate this to real life

–          Youngsters confused between studying Chartered Accountancy/ Cost Accountancy

–          On the B-school campus/ CA Freshers, are confused between two equally good job offers  and don’t know which one to choose – get extremely confused and indecisive

–          You wondering whether to opt for Covaxin or Covinshield – and in the process not going for either of them

–          You getting confused between whether to use CAJobPortal’s online job listing / database access service OR use it as a placement agency for finance hiring. And ending up, missing our platform altogether

The donkey—though a symbolical narrative—could have chosen a course of action out of the two situations. Ironically, it did not. The premise may be flawed but the moral is clear.

There are many situations of indecision in life. Now, how do you decide? Given that you like both equally, why do you choose and decision-making does entail a risk embedded in the choice. The guiding point here also is that the risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

So have you ever encountered a Buridan’s Ass phenomenon.

Shall wait to hear from you