[CAJobPortal Insights 315th edition] Double Promotion

While the lesser mortals in any typical organization struggle for that one elusive promotion ( first waiting for the technical cool-off period of say 3 years and then being in the queue of those who are past those 3 years of waiting), there are some who get a Double Promotion : – career fast tracked, rockstars, the blue- eyed boys/girls, happiness unlimited

This is much to the chagrin of people around. In fact, in the Government Sector, you will find abundant case laws where double promotions awarded to colleagues have challenged in High Courts and Supreme Court, citing process irregularities.

In the school days, a bright student, after passing fifth standard, may be allowed to attend seventh standard directly without going to the sixth standard. The competence of a student is decided by teachers on the basis of his/her performance in a test. Fairly objective criteria

Why would someone get double promotion in an organization? It’s a bit tricky

–          Skills – ability to present fantastic insights to the CEO; ability to add significant value beyond the JD

–          Pedigree – hailing from TAS (Tata Administrative Services), IIM degree

–          Performance – crisis management at the SAP Implementation?

In a not-so-Utopian world, it could also be due to:

–          Manager’s meteoric rise to power –chamchas and chelas would be rewarded for the oil applied

–          Sheer Luck

What do you think?

Have you ever been double promoted? How has been your experience?