[CAJobPortal Insights 314th edition] Little Things Matter

When Lord Rama wanted to build a bridge across the sea, to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita
Lord Hanuman and all the others in Rama’s vanara (monkey) army carried the largest boulders and rocks. All the smaller creatures helped too, even squirrels.
“You, what?” shouted the monkey and laughed aloud. “Did you hear that!” he said to the other monkeys. “The squirrel is building a bridge with his pebbles. Oh dear! Oh dear! I’ve never heard a funnier story.” The other monkeys laughed too.
The squirrel was undisturbed – “Look, I can’t carry mountains or rocks. God gave me only a little strength. I can only carry pebbles. My heart cries out for Rama and I’ll do all I can for him.”
The monkeys said, “Don’t be foolish. Do you think you can help Rama? Do you think we can build a bridge with pebbles? He has a big army to help him. Go home and don’t get in our way.”
“But I want to help, too,” said the squirrel
The monkeys were angry and one of them picked up the squirrel by his tail and threw him far away. The squirrel, crying out the name of Rama, fell into his hands.
Then Rama held the squirrel close to him. He then demonstrated to the Army how the pebble thrown by the squirrel has worked as the connector between the two boulders. Even her contribution is as valuable as the other members of the army.
Hearing this, the Vanaras were ashamed, and bowed their heads. Rama continued, “Always remember, however small, every task is equally important.
Rama apologised to the squirrel for the hurt caused,  hurt caused, thanked him for all his hard work, and blessed him by stroking his back. And even today squirrels in South India have dark stripes on their backs
Do you value the little contributions in a large project ?