[CAJobPortal Insights 313th edition] The meaningless exit interviews

Vivek was extremely frustrated in this role. The boss was getting on his nerves, he was denied promotion year-on-year and since he didn’t have a Godfather in the system, he was the first one who would be considered for posting at this factory location.
So he searched desperately for a new job. Offer letter, resignation, notice period followed in quick succession.
On the last working day, the HR handed him a voluminous bunch of questionnaires – these were some fancy documents designed by an external consultant, technically called exit interview questionnaires
Exit Interviews should have been the Last Conversations—But it was the First!
He wrote nice things about the job and people – did not want to burn bridges . It’s a small world after all. Many employers ask for references from previous boss
So the exit interview was conducted as a meaningless ritual.
On the contrary, if conducted well, it could have brought in competitive insights for the organisation,  what’s working and what’ isn’t working
Done in an effective manner, they could also convert your departing employees into your brand ambassadors
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