[CAJobPortal.com] The closely guarded secret

Puneet got the job offer with 40% hike and just resigned from his job as a financial analyst at this marquee brand.

Now, one of the most important tasks for him in the next 3 months, was to remain tight lipped about where he would be joining.

His resignation was the ‘talk of the town’ and everyone wanted to know what next.

The grapevine was abuzz with rumors – that he was joining our competitor, that he was shifting to a different city, that he was joining his father’s business, that he was joining this specific company. Some of them were deliberately plugged in by Puneet.

On the last day of the notice period, Puneet revealed that he was joining this employer – and that was completely different from the news that was floating in the market

This is a normal phenomenon that is repeated in each case – something that’s ingrained in the corporate culture.

And I often wonder why?

Why wouldn’t there be a level of trust that Puneet freely states that he joining company X instead of the entire drama

Why this insecurity? Maybe because someone from the current organization will reach out to the new place and make damaging statements? But why should people do it – especially when a Puneet would not be part of my company’s system anymore – no jealously, no competition for promotions…

Will team mates be happy if they know you are going to a better company or at very high package. The behavior of your best team buddy towards you may get overturned completely. Many of your colleagues will start behaving with you like a stranger.

Plus there will also be nay sayers who will try to talk you out of it – or think they know what’s best for you.

What do you think?