[cajobportal.com] Mckinsey research on how companies sabotage employee training

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Misconceptions about the brain are embedded in corporate training programs and could be sabotaging their effectiveness. Companies should reevaluate them in light of the latest scientific insights

Please read this insightful Mckinsey research paper that aims to dispel  three ‘neuromyths’ that dominate our thinking when it comes to learning ;

Key actionable items that emerge are

  1. a) harnessing the positive impact of meditation on employee productivity
  2. b) practice of  removing distraction by facilitating immersive learning e.g. making employees keep their cellphones in lockers before entering a training and
  3. c) engaging all the senses in a variety of ways (for instance, audiovisual and tactile) could improve absorption of new knowledge materially

Please find the article attached  Online Version

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