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Enclosing an interesting HBR read , where we particularly found the segment where Juniper moved beyond the Bell Curve and enhanced employee productivity , to be quite interesting!!

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When people realize they are being compared with others, a “threat response” in their brains sends cortisol levels skyrocketing and makes it hard for them to take in other information. If you oversee your company’s annual performance review process and it centers on the delivery of a single number derived from a stack-ranking exercise, this insight could be a lightbulb going on.

See how the company in question – Juniper  found that its employees felt that the bell curve was demoralizing and effectively pitted colleagues against one another in a zero-sum game.

In 2011 Juniper became one of the first global companies to abolish forced rankings. Rather than spreading people across a bell curve, it now seeks simply to have what it calls Best Talent. It has replaced annual reviews with frequent “conversation days” for the purpose of discussing areas for improvement, goals, and career aspirations. Today more than 97% of its employees are considered Best Talent, and Juniper’s talent management efforts focus on putting the right capabilities in the right places to achieve its business goals.

Read more at https://hbr.org/2015/07/bright-shiny-objects-and-the-future-of-hr#signin

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