Are you ready for such jobs in the AI era

Any talk about Artificial Intelligence always harps upon the jobs it will take away from humans
Let me kindle some hope by talking about the new jobs that will be created
Ever imagined yourself donning the mantle of “Empathy Trainer” for a robot; individuals who will teach AI systems such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa to show compassion.
So when a person anxiously complains about having lost their luggage on the airlines, the system should not be using repetitive responses such as “I’m sorry to hear that”, but rather use an appropriate mix of understanding, compassion, and maybe even humor
Another role would be of Human Behavioral Experts, inducting bots into the unique patterns of human behaviors.
Imagine yourself teaching a customer service chat-bots how to understand the subtleties and complexities of human behavior. Yahoo Inc. is trying to teach its language processing system that people do not always literally mean what they say 🙂 or how to assess if they are sarcastic in their tone.
What about Ethics Compliance Officers – one whose KRA would be upholding human values in the AI era.
So when an AI system for credit approval discriminates against people basis specific professions or geographies, Ethics Compliance Officers will correct them .
In some cases, they would work on eliminating biases like a search algorithm  responding with images of only white women when someone queries “loving grandmother.”  He/she will then work with the algorithm forensics analyst to find the root causes for such biases and fix the same.
These would be Worldview trainers, who will also read out stories of whats good for society and thus help the algorithm’s thinking faculties become more morally sound. For e.g. teaching the bot that stealing is not good 🙂
And what about the Explainers — the one who will bridge the gap between technologists and business leaders. As algorithm forensics analysts, they will use techniques such as Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME) to pierce through the opaque ‘black box’ and question the algorithm, lets say on why it shortlisted a particular candidate and not the other one; just like an auditor
Wow, amazing,  isn’t it ??
I was thrilled when I read about these roles being described in detailed by the MIT Sloan Management Review article
On second thoughts, I was wondering how our entire education system would need to be gear itself to equip human beings to play these roles.
What are your views on this? :  Are we ready for the jobs in the AI era? What will be our degrees for the same ? And what about those who will not be able to upgrade their skillsets for the new era
Please do share your feedback
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Sonia Singal :