[312th Edition – CAJobPortal Insights] Are you a Time Millionarie

On interacting with some of the wealthiest people in the world ( going by the conventional yardstick of money), I find that they are really poor by the yardstick of free time.
Take the case of Investment Bankers who take home crazy salaries. At the age of 30, you could be drawing a Fixed Salary+Variable Pay of 4 crores in a year. But the irony of the situation is that you don’t have 30 minutes during the weekdays to spend with their kids.
And if i run the risk of over-generalising, thus they are not maybe that happy after that – crying in a limousine, so to say !!
Running on the treadmill of designations and CTCs, stuck in endless back to back meetings, would you have time left for having an ice cream at leisure with your near and dear ones on Juhu Chowpatty.
A close friend quit her high paying job in a KPO. Post Covid, she realised that WFH had made it worse – she was always on MS Team calls. Her daughter would come craving for attention, seeking Mom’s time and all she could do in return was to hand her over an I-Pad or a gaming console. The fear that her daughter will learn to start living without her, shook her from the roots
The clock slowly ticks away and the desired quantum of breaths are getting exhausted
Time Millionaires measure their worth not in terms of financial capital, but according to the seconds, minutes and hours they claw back from employment for leisure and recreation
Are you a time millionaire?