2020 , the year that it was





What an year it was – one that shook humanity from its very foundations , an invisible virus that manifested itself in 70 million+ Homo Sapiens and brought the hectic hustle bustle of modern life to a grinding halt.

It broke a lot of myths.

It taught us new ways to work – in the Indian context , Work From Home, was never really acceptable before the pandemic – MS Teams , Zoom and the likes, brought seamless digital working to be a reality – I saw 80+ year old seniors also gearing up to become tech savvy

I know of so many friends, who owing to motherhood, were feeling guilty of leaving the young kid to maids and going to office everyday – but now can continue their careers , some by shifting to KPOs who will now mostly have WFH for long

( yet WFH also brought loneliness , the absence of social interaction – the ‘water cooler ‘ talks )

It showed that consultants can work without living out of a suitcase – so much of travel , indeed , wasn’t needed – we know for a fact that profitability of many consulting practices has shot up immensely because of cost savings

Many parents in say cities like Kolkata , got a super opportunity to enjoy the company of their kids . My own parents got to experience the super joy of staying with my brother, sister in law and the new born kid 😊 it was a decade since he had moved out for engineering, job, MBA and then job again . The pandemic had silver linings , therefore for many

It taught us that weddings could be simple – getting the entire hundreds / thousands assembled for dinner and wasting a lifetime of savings, wasn’t really needed ( these close yet not in the Top 50 people could join over Zoom 😊 )
However, 2020 was an year that brought umpteen hardships for many as well – migrant workers , for whom terms like isolation and social distancing were a joke in their super small chawl

Joinings for campus recruits from Tier 1 colleges were often postponed . Down the ranking ladder, offers were even revoked and some had to made desperate joinings only to be asked to quit later – my junior, an year 2020 graduate from a Tier 2 college, joined a real estate classifieds company, asked to sell for INR 4 lacs p.m. of listings in a non existent and dead market and therefore asked to quit in 2 months

So many senior people lost their jobs

People realized the importance of stable employers versus the fast growing yet risky ones

Take my case – we spent months behind preparation of our new job portal, CAJobPortal.com and MBAJobPortal.com, where Employers could post jobs , ask candidates to record Video Resumes .. and when it was ready, the recruitment market went into a deep slumber – we also had to lay off staff and wait for returns on the investments made

Yes 2020 has been cruel for many , unexpected for many and good for others in some way or the other

It’s been such a rocking year that Oxford Dictionary surrender to its gyrations and said there could be no ‘ word of the year’ for this momentous year 2020

Hope the vaccine will change the course of humanity and we all will emerge stronger collectively

Hope you also have a lot of experiences for this year

Would love to hear from you


Sonia Singal