[CAJobPortal Insights] If life allowed you to set your own question paper

Good Afternoon,

According to a photograph that has gone viral on social media, the Professor at IIT Goa set the following paper in the Electrical Engineering department.
The students ought to prepare the questions all by themselves and then go on to answer those.  They were to first write down questions of 60 marks from the lecture materials. And then, they had to answer those questions.
Preparing the questions alone will fetch the students 30 marks and then answering them would earn them 40 marks.
The “interesting” examination will not just test the calibre of the student but will also test their integrity. The 70-mark paper said that the questions the students prepare should reflect their understanding of the course. It also asked them to avoid discussing with friends as it “may reduce their scores if similarities are found”.
While we are not sure if the same was actually true, the concept really caught our imagination
All our life, we have been kind of that cricketer fielding against an aggressive batsman , be it Teachers in school/college or Bosses in job world
The easiest option is to crib and blame them for being so demanding
But let’s say, if the #Atmanirbhar concept was applied and the boss asked you to set the agenda for your work. So maybe it’s like a problem statement thrown at you as to suggest how the Finance & Accounts department should gear itself for the upcoming Board Meeting – no instructions from him/her whatsoever. And then deliver on that agenda, independently, without any intervention.
Rather than stress reduction, trust me – your stress will actually increase
Similarly, Recruitment is the ‘bread and butter’ activity for CAJobPortal.com, we would want to think aloud about this concept being applied in interviews. Imagine an interview where the interviewer asks the candidate to state what should be the questions he should ask based on his/her understanding of the complexities of the role. I think 99% candidates would be stupefied
It’s not easy when you are set free to choose questions to answer.
What do you think?